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Military-Grade Cyber Security is Now Within Your Reach!

We provide complete 360° security services including hardware and software developed in-house under strict protocols. Ideal for the temporary information security needs of governments, corporations, and individuals. We are your unique, all-in-one provider to protect your digital assets and conversations.


Why Protecturo?

Our Apps and Systems Offer Impressive and Reliable Multilayered Protection

Your digital property and communications will never again be compromised or used against you. It is time for you to protect yourself and your assets!

Hermes Phones

Custom-made hardware and software that works independently without the need for any hazardous or dubious cloud.

Worldwide SIMs

Get worldwide, security-enhanced digital SIMs that operate in any given country.

Secure Messenger

Charon messenger allows you to communicate safely and confidently with our ultra-sophisticated encryption and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Secured Hosting

Get secure WordPress, Cloud, or web hosting services for your website and business needs.

Our Mission

Protection and Security
With Privacy - A Novel Combination

Shield Yourself With Protecturo

Our number one mission is to protect your information. We founded our organization with that in our crosshairs and dedicate ourselves 24/7 to do exactly that. Our members believe in your supreme right to privacy, devoting ourselves completely to that end.

Your personal information is absolutely 100% secure with us. This is due to the fact that we do not attempt, at any point, to obtain and store your personal data besides a modicum of information for the completion of secure payments (with the exception of an email address). It goes without saying that there are no contracts, no credit checks, and no fine print. Another element that ensures the protection of your privacy online is that all of our devices come with a private VPN and other privacy enhancing features.

Connect Instantly With the
Charon Messenger

Download our secure end-to-end OMEMO encrypted messenger app. Invite friends, create group chats, and share files in a convenient, user-friendly, and, most importantly, protected environment. Peace of mind is waiting for you, so take the initiative and safeguard your communications for just 10€ a month.


Why 10€? Simple. Because we do NOT collect and then sell your personal information! Like the other chat applications.

Download the app from here:

*monthly fee per device

Our products

Protecturo’s Products Create an Impenetrable Fortress for Your Data

Charon Messenger

The essential messenger app providing secure, OMEMO end-to-end encrypted communications.

Hermes Mobile Phone

A one-of-a-kind mobile device with our customized OS created with security as the number one priority.


A distinctly protected SIM with Internet access anywhere in the world at a competitive rate.


The Benefits of Our SIM

What You See

Is What You Get

Your days of uncertainty and hesitation could soon be vanishing. With our secure SIM and its global connection capabilities, feel safe and confident on your next trip abroad.


Stay connected

Travel and stay connected without the pains of roaming and unexpected phone bills.


Global coverage

We cover 150+ countries for data and SMS at a competitive rate.


Ease to get

Purchase and install our eSIM yourself in just a single brief minute.


Data plans

Choose from our custom-made pricing plans adaptable to any of your needs.


How Does It Work?

Learn How to Start Using Our Hermes Phone


No personal information is required. Simply enter your e-mail and password.


Order your Hermes Phone from the user panel.

Enter your license key

Once received, you can power up your phone and activate your subscription.



Best-in-Class Cyber Security

For Commercial and Personal Purposes

ElysiumOS is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), however without the prying eyes of Google and their Play services – also without dependence on a cloud. We have replaced basic apps like those for phone calls or address books with our own curated ones. These are also open source and thoroughly protected with an optional VPN that contains a multitude of security and privacy features.


Anonymous - without personal data

Our service only requires a minimal amount of your information which is used strictly to keep the service running. We never retain any of your sensitive information or personal details such as names, EINs, etc.


Google-free operating system

Our OS has zero dependencies on Google or its services as we are based on AOSP. This vital fact prevents those corporations from obtaining, storing, and eventually sharing your data.


Encrypted device storage

We utilize AES with Cipher-Block Chaining and ESSIV:SHA256. The master key is encrypted using calls to the OpenSSL library with 128-bit AES. In addition to that, we use a proprietary concept of hardware-supported trust zones for arm processors. 


Unique security mode

With our distinctive security mode, we are able to restrict access of apps to the internet as well as to the local system. You also have the capability to either whitelist or blacklist any domain. There is, of course, an on-and-off switch that is password-protected.


Detailed privacy settings

This allows you to check which apps, exactly, have access to which sensors from a user-friendly menu. You can track when access was made as well as filter your permissions to these sensors.


Proprietary sensor kill switch

Eliminate all sensors with the click of a single button. This incredibly useful function forcefully shuts down all sensors immediately when pushed.


Secure, private browser

Our OS comes with a preinstalled secure, and privacy-protected browser with integrated tracking security. This browser is highly customizable, offering a private mode with a single tap, as well as pictures in picture mode.


Built-in hardware panic button

In case of an emergency, our system comes with a built-in panic button. It allows you to completely wipe the device of any information and is easily accessible.


Need a custom solution?


We can provide tailor-made solutions for any of your hardware or software development needs. Just let us know your dynamics and we will do the rest!



Looking for Answers?

We have several options for varying subscription plans. If we talk about our Charon Messenger it sits at a monthly rate of 10eu. However, if you go ahead with the 100eu per month subscription, which includes all of our software (incl. Charon Messenger) but without data charges, we offer three options for this type of subscription. The best and most economic of them is the yearly (12 months) subscription for only 900eu - that means 3 entire months for free! We offer shorter subscriptions of three months and six months at 280eu and 480eu respectively. For more information on our products and their prices, please follow these links to their relevant pages:

HERMES PHONE: Follow this link

CHARON: Follow this link

Apsis SIM: Follow this link

There are several factors that make our Hermes mobile phone stand out from the others. Most importantly it allows you to take control of your own data, and protect your digital assets and communications. Our phone offers a custom OS, encrypted device storage, a sensor kill switch, a unique security mode, as well as a built-in panic button. With its custom-developed OS, the device and its software are cloud free, and thus safe & secure from attacks or security breaches. The Elysium OS is based on a free version of Android without Google or its Play services. Besides those benefits, we also offer you a free lifetime VPN which does not retain any of your sensitive info. You get the ability of offline navigation, a variety of highly secure open source applications, a biometric lock, and stunning photos with its 48 MP dual cam & 16 MP selfie cam. It is easy on the eyes as well with its elegant and minimalistic design with a large display surface - thanks to v-notch. It is a tough phone and is both splash and dust resistant. It is also equipped with an extremely dependable battery and powerful stereo speakers.

Discounts are readily available, although we will need to discuss them and figure out what we can offer in direct relationship to the size of your order. Do not hesitate to drop us a line!

Download our guide on how to avoid cyber threats from here

Our messenger app, unfortunately, can not be offered for free. We need to charge due to the fact that we do not collect and sell your personal information to third parties like most other chat applications.

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Our Custom Software and

Communication Solutions

We deliver personalized infrastructure and system applications, designed to accommodate any particular business with absolute respect to your confidentiality.


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