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Who Is Protecturo and What We Stand For

Protecturo is an international cyber security company, focused on providing all-encompassing cyber security services and products. Our goal is to make the Internet a much more secure place where your personal information and, as a consequence, your most regarded digital possessions are safely harbored and kept.

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An enterprise created with passionate goals of helping people and organizations achieve absolute digital safety. You deserve the security and protection that we can provide!

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Our team is always there when you need us the most. Whatever your question or problem may be, we are here to find the answers and solutions you need.


Read about the newest trends in cybersecurity and stay on the cutting edge of digital security. Familiarise yourself with all the cybersecurity instruments and tips and tricks that you, one day, may find yourself in need of.

The Ideation Process Behind Protecturo

The Ideation Process Behind Protecturo Back in 2016, Protecturo was first envisioned. The main idea was to provide secure and private solutions to corporations and governments. We wanted these solutions to be absolutely independent of the big tech giants and their often prying eyes and vulnerable systems. Most of the other similar providers either sell, collect and use their client’s data in an unethical manner – that’s what we decided to fight against!

Our team is built from privacy and tech enthusiasts who consistently seek to innovate and provide a reliable service to the community.

● Our founder has strong background in financial and security sectors and a proven track record in fund management as well as strategic consulting.

● Our CTO has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a perfect example of what the IT sector aims to populate itself with and is an invaluable commodity in our company.

● Our PR team has demonstrated an impeccable success record in sales and marketing as well as attending to highly demanding corporate clients.

Our products

Allow us to secure your data
with Protecturo’s products

Charon Messenger

Messenger App for secure, OMEMO end-to-end encrypted communications.

Hermes Mobile Phone

Mobile Device with custom OS created for the sake of security


Mobile Device with custom OS created for the sake of security

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