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Set Up Your AspisSIM with Worldwide Coverage and Protection in Less Than a Minute!

Talk unlimited wherever you are!

We have seen almost everything in the SIM card industry. From easily remedied bugs to extremely daunting issues – if it is related to SIM cards, we have encountered it! That inspired us to create a solution that could avoid these obstacles and provide the kind of service that we would want on our own devices. So, we came up with the aspisSIM. 

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers, who have experienced the difference our services make.

Michael Velev

I travel anywhere with the card

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Product Manager

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Hiring Manager

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Graphics Designer

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CEO & Founder

Your secure SIM

Aspis SIM is a pure data SIM, which offers you protection against International Mobile  Subscriber Identity-catchers (IMSI-Catcher). IMSI Catcher is a mobile eavesdropping device that is employed to intercept mobile phone traffic whilst also being able to track the specific location data of the mobile phone user. Mobile traffic is securely routed through the Silent Phone system which, along with  protecting you against IMSI Catchers also prevents your mobile data from being triangulated.

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An Invaluable Asset For Any Traveller

Global travel has become an ever-increasing factor for businesses and individuals alike, and the use of Smartphone and Mobile technology has needed to keep up. Mobile users continually seek strong, uninterrupted connectivity as they travel from one country to the next. In addition, they rightly expect their encrypted information, security, and privacy to be maintained. This is where the aspisSIM comes into its own by providing wireless service while on the move and ensuring their privacy and security are preserved, giving you a multi-roaming connection.


Get Started With Your Custom Solution

Contact our team and discuss the details about your project and goals so we can organize the product and service that is a perfect fit for you.


Why aspisSIM?


Our SIM is tailored to your needs with worldwide coverage. Avoid the hassle of managing multiple carriers and rely on one SIM for global coverage.

SECURE Voice, Text, Data, Email, Video

Your discussions are your business only. aspiSIM lets you communicate remotely with complete security while being easy to deploy and use.

Flexible pricing

We offer several pricing plans depending on your particular needs and requirements. The best thing to do is to contact us so we can discuss the options available.

Fleet management platform

Manage your team, plans, and devices easily with a web-based tool that allows you to add, delete or modify users and wipe data from devices remotely. It also offers features like assigning specific powers to group managers, controlling company settings and syncing with other identity service providers.

Custom solutions for enterprises and governments

We are a flexible and innovative team of ambitious and experienced professionals. If you are in need of individual, custom solutions, we are here to meet your needs - just contact us!

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