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Communicate Openly Without Constantly Worrying About Your Privacy and Security

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art encryption and infrastructure.

The communication between Charon Messenger and our proprietary server infrastructure is TLS encrypted.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypts data sent over

the Internet to ensure that eavesdroppers and hackers

are unable to see what you transmit which is particularly useful for private and sensitive information such aspasswords, credit card details, and personal


On top of that, Charon gives you yet another layer of

security with OMEMO – the latest multi-end-to-multi-end encryption method which is a breeze to setup and gives you forward secrecy and plausible deniability.

Get Instant Connectivity
With Charon Messenger

Hurry and download our secure end-to-end OMEMO encrypted messenger app. As soon as you do, you can immediately start inviting your friends, creating group chats, and sharing files in a convenient, user-friendly, and protected environment. Safeguard your communications, now for just 10eu* a month!

*monthly fee per device

Send Images

Don’t stop at text messages. Charon allows you to easily share files with your contacts and embeds images directly into your chat - even while you are in a conference. Have something personal to say? Turn on end-to-end encryption for extra privacy.

Read Markers

Wondering if your contact has read your messages? Charon will let you know. On the other hand, if you do not want the recipient to know whether you have read their message or not, simply disable the feature in the settings.


Creating group chats has never been easier. Simply choose ‘Invite Contact’ from the menu to start a group chat. Charon will automatically create it and invite your contacts to join.

Low Impact on Battery

Even though Charon keeps its own connection to the server and thus is independent of Google’s push messaging system (GCM), it still does a great deal to keep the impact on battery life as low as possible.

Secured Clients
Messages Sent
Data Transfered
24000 gb

Other functions

Our Other Products To achieve maximum protection, we recommend considering our other services and products.

Hermes Phone
Our Hermes phone has been specifically built to protect your digital assets and communications. Find out more about our superiorly secure mobile phone.

aspiSIM is a pure data SIM, which offers you protection against International Mobile Subscriber Identity-catchers (IMSI-Catcher). It provides wireless service while on the move and ensures your privacy and security are preserved, giving you a multi-roaming connection. Have a look to learn more about its features

Ready to Start Chatting?

Digital chatting has become a major part of our daily communication and needs to be appropriately secured! Protecturo provides you with an app that does exactly that.


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