Cookie” Policy

„Cookies represent short texts, stored on your computer, when you visit a specific webpage. They are not programs and are not executable as code and do not transmit viruses — instead „Cookies” function more like a passport, which the webpage inspects and updates each and every time you visit. Most webpages you visit shall use „Cookies”, improving your interaction with the site as a user. Their functions include verification of your identity, for security purposes, determination of the browser type and settings used on your part or which permit webpage owners and third party advertisers to optimize their content according to your preferences. „Cookies” are managed by your browser. Each „Cookie” is unique and contains anonymous information, such as unique identifier, webpage name, digits and letters. This permits the webpage to remember you’re your surfing preferences.

„Cookie” types

„Cookies” may be „Permanent Cookies” or „Separate Session Cookies”. The webpage uses Permanent Cookies, as well as „Separate Session Cookies”.

Session „Cookies”  

„Separate Session Cookies” are of particular importance, guaranteeing the correct functioning of the webpage, also used for managing of registration/entry and access to reserved functions. „Separate Session Cookies” are stored temporarily during the current surfing and are deleted from the user’s device after closing the browser.

Permanent „Cookies”

Permanent „Cookies” are stored on your computer for a specific period of time (usually a year or more) and are not deleted, after closing the browser (unless deleted by the user prior to their expiry date).

Webpage owner „Cookies”  

Cookies generated by the webpage owner or service supplier (our company), are called „Webpage owner cookies” and they can be read only by this specific webpage. „Cookies”, generated by parties, other than the webpage owner, are called „Third Party Cookies”.

Third party „Cookies”

Third party „Cookies” permit the provision of third party functions or functionalities via the webpage or service, you are using (such as advertising, interactive content, analyses, affiliated programs and partners). The third parties, generating these „Cookies, can recognize your computer when you visit a specific webpage or service, and when you visit other webpages or services.





We use the following types of „Cookies”:





Till the end of the browser’s session

Used for differentiating specific users, storing their information and preferences

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110 years

Monitoring of access to the trading platform. Entry of the visitor into the trading platform is of particular importance

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10 years

„Remember me“ Cookie

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10 years

Used for recording errors, for filtering separate users


7 days

Used for storing the URL address of the last open page


7 days

Used for storing the localized currency/sum


5 days

Stores information for the webpage, such as device, language and country


10 years

Stores the last language used


1.5 years

Cookie, used by Google for internet advertising.  Stored in browsers in the domain


1 month

Used for prevention of popup promo banner each time the user attempts to enter the webpage.


3 years

Set for preventing the appearance of the cookie banner on each page and preventing interruption of work of users.

We also use „Cookies of external contracting parties for access to their pages for advertising purposes. In addition, we use „Google Analytics”, for analyzing the use of our website. „Google Analytics” generates statistical and other information regarding the use of webpages via „Cookies” on the users’ computers. The information generated in connection with our webpage is used for generating reports regarding the webpage usage. Google shall store this information. You can reject Google Analytics „Cookies” by visiting the following link: The Privacy Policy of Google is accessible at:

Change of „Cookie” settings

You can change or modify your internet browser settings, for accepting or rejecting „Cookies”. If you decide to reject the „Cookies”, you can also use the webpage, although your access to some functions and zones may be limited. If you block the „Cookies”, you cannot use all functions of our webpage and trading platform. You can also delete the „Cookies”, already stored on your computer. Once again, this may have a negative impact on the utilization of our services.

Since the means by which you can rejects the „Cookies” via the settings of your web browser vary according to the different browser types, you must access the help menu of your browser for more information. You must follow the instructions provided in your web browser, usually located in the „Help”, „Tools” or „Editing” menu.

Eventually, an external source is available at:, providing information regarding the cookies and how to manage them, so they conform to your preferences.