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Evolve Your Privacy and Communications to a Whole New Advanced Level!

The Hermes secure mobile device demonstrates what is possible in the realm of digital privacy. You can finally take control of your own data confidently with the protection of your digital assets and communications in the crosshairs.

Custom OS

Encrypted Device Storage

No Personal Data

Sensor Kill Switch

Unique Security Mode

Build-In Panic Button

It is Time for You to Welcome a Whole New Level of Privacy and Security Into Your Life

Our Hermes phone is specifically built to protect your digital assets and communications. This means 100% private and anonymous usage of the device and its apps. No personal data is ever required, so you can rest easy. Never again worry about your privacy and protection. With our custom-developed OS, this device and its software are cloud free, which means you are safe from attacks and security breaches.

One Platform to Manage it All

Control and Censor Your Subscriptions

Keep On Top of Things With the Most Current Updates

Receive Personal Security Recommendations

Register your account and manage your Hermes phone, SIM, or Charon Messenger from a convenient and user-friendly interface.

Custom Developed Operational System

The Elysium OS is based on the free Android model, but without Google and its invasive Play services or dependence on a cloud. Basic apps like those for phone calls or address books have been replaced with our own secure curated apps. These apps are also open source and armed with a protected system with the option of your own unique VPN. We have also developed privacy and security-enhancing features. This includes the ability to download and use all Android apps from an anonymous Google Playstore alternative.

Explore Our Privacy Features & Benefits

Encrypted Device Storage

The algorithm implemented is 128 AES with Cipher-Block Chaining (CBC) and EISSV:SHA256. Additionally, we use the concept of a hardware supported trust zone for arm processors.

Unique Security Mode

Reduce the launching and background activity of apps that you only occasionally use and which collects your personal data. Block targeted Internet addresses and domains in order to stop data collectors in their tracks, and protect your loved ones.

No Personal Data

We do not require any personal data. We only collect absolutely obligatory details that allow us to ship the device and keep it properly operating.

Built-In Panic Button

Erase your data irrevocably by pressing a panic button. A reliable and efficient way to destroy any sensitive information even in the most demanding and/or critical situations.

A Full and Thorough
Protection Package

Detailed Privacy Settings

Screen permission usage from a user-friendly console. Manage access to any sensor for all applications.

Customized Google-Free OS

Our operational system has been developed in-house and it is not dependent on any of Google’s services.

Sensor Kill Switch

Isolate all sensors with a single touch of the screen. Keep your meetings private and secure.

Secure Private Browser

Use our secure and privacy- enhanced browser to surf the Internet freely.

More Information and Added Benefits of Our Phone

Free Lifetime VPN

We provide you with a free, premium VPN which does not log any sensitive information.

Navigation with Offline Maps

Our phone offers you non-stop navigation with the addition of our offline map application, so you do not have to worry about your location regardless of where you are.

Secure Open-Source Applications

All of our open-source applications are loaded with modern, up-to-date security protocols to ensure you are protected 24/7.

Biometric Lock

Rest assured that your information is safely hidden away from prying eyes with our biometric locking system..

The Hardware

The highest of security standards elegantly combine an intelligent design concept to
deliver a truly innovative device.

Hermes Phone

Picture Perfect Photos with a 48 MP dual cam & 16 MP selfie cam

An elegant and minimalistic design

Large display surface thanks to V-Notch

Hermes Phone α

Rugged as well as splash and dust resistant

Durable battery with a reliably long life

Powerful stereo speakers


Ready With Your Decision?

Are you ready to go forward and start fortifying your privacy?

Contact us and let’s work out the details!


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