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Receive the trade rights for your country for one of the fastest-growing Cybersecurity companies in Europe. Offer encrypted phone devices, secure chat applications & international SIMs

About Us

Innovative Cybersecurity Firm

Here, at Protecturo we excell at the development of secure hardware devices and software systems. Throughtout the years we've devloped the Hermes secure mobile device with its own OS, making the phone device impossible to track or penetrate. Furthermore our portfolio consist the Charon Secure Messenger and International SIM card service. We offer our products internationaly and are currently in search of Master Franchise Partners for the EU to sell our encrypted phone devices & services

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What Do You Get By Becoming Our Partner


Vast Expertise In Cybersecurity and encryption of phone devices & secure online communications


Large and scaleable pricing plan which on the end of the month leaves you and your business beyond happy


We offer individual technical account support for every single of our partners. So you can keep running your business 24/7


Ready to use marketing collateral for your ad campaigns. Benefit from our marketing campaigns & expertise

Additional benefits

What You Receive?

  • Team

    Large team of developers and software engineers who can help you fullfill complext client orders & requirements

  • Marketing & Advertising

    Our team of marketing specialist & analysts will help you popularize the products and earn sales in your contry

  • Support & Maintenance

    Receive constant support from our team in case of alers or problems with the hardware & software

  • Our Full Product Gama

    With our trade rights for your country you will receive the Hermes Phone Devices, International SIMs and the secure communications messenger app

Who Can Become Master Franchise Partner of Protecturo

The space of cybersecurity is vast and requires experience in both the matter and overall business experience, with this said the perfect candidate for becoming a master franchise partner and representing the Protecturo brand family, must have vast experience in business and technology. Every candidate will go through a live interview with our team and eventually a meet-up with the CEO & owner of the company. There is also an initial investment fee of 7000 euros when signing the rights for our products.

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Our products

Learn More About What You Will Be Offering To Your Clients

Charon Messenger

The essential messenger app providing secure, OMEMO end-to-end encrypted communications.

Hermes Mobile Phone

A one-of-a-kind mobile device with our customized OS created with security as the number one priority.


A distinctly protected SIM with Internet access anywhere in the world at a competitive rate.

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