Privacy Policy

  1. Personal data:

Personal data represents any information, pertaining to a natural person, which is identified or which could be identified directly or indirectly via identification number or via one or more specific indications. This encompasses data, which alone by themselves or together with other data may lead to synonymous identification of a specific natural person.


  1. Information collected by Protecturo:

2.1 We,, collect your data when you:

  • register on our website, if such registration is possible (based upon our own judgment);
  • direct inquiries to us and/or;
  • execute an order on the site.

All data fields are obligatory and require completion, when marked as such. When any of the obligatory fields is not completed and the next button is selected (according to the selected service), the entered data shall not be stored.

The information contained in the users’ profile is used so they can be informed in a timely manner regarding changes and circumstances arising with their accounts or active systems in

Information you provide in the event of query is deleted automatically/by a system administrator, whenever the case regarding your query is resolved.

Information you provide during an order placed on the site is deleted by a system administrator, immediately after you receive confirmation you have received the ordered goods and expiration takes place of the legally established term for return, respectively replacement of the goods. For filing claims and stating defects within the warranty term, you must prove by way of presenting the requisite documents that the goods were ordered on the website

      2.2 Data provided by the registration or other information provided by the user:

а) Using the registration form, we, shall preserve in a suitable manner the data provided on your part on a secure, encrypted server during the legally required storage term.

  1. b) While paying the monthly subscription for use of products provided by, we do not collect any data in any manner regarding the executed payments, and data pertaining to the executed transaction remain solely in the systems of the service banks of both parties.
  2. c) Upon purchasing of monthly access for the services provided on our part and entering the required data in the specified fields, the administrator in no way van possess and cannot extract the data provided in the fields, while said data is encrypted.

2.3 Data we collect automatically, whenever you use

The site uses Google Analytics, via which manner we collect information when you access our system and view our pages. We use Cookies, which represents small packets of information, directed by the web server to the Internet browser, subsequently returned by the browser each and every time it receives access to this server. Cookies are used for storing information on the client’s web browser. We shall use the term Cookie in this policy, describing all files collecting information in the specified manner. The entire collected information shall assist us in optimizing our system in a manner making it more convenient and user friendly, and the administrator shall in no way provide the information to third persons, save for cases explicitly specified in the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our site does not allow Google Analytics and Google AdWords to collect and store absolutely any personal data, which soul lead to the precise and synonymous identification of a specific user.

  1. Use of external tools

      In order for our system to function correctly and for guaranteeing constant improvement of its quality we use Google Analytics, so we can collect information related to the usage, in order to improve the system’s functionalities. The system disallows Google Analytics from collecting and storing any personal data, which could lead to the precise and synonymous identification of a specific user.

  1. How do we use the information provided on your part:

Each information we collect from you can be used in one of the following manners:


а) The full contents and functionalities of the mas be accessed only by registered users. The General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and FAQ are accessible to all visitors of the site, assisting their notification regarding the policies and requirements of prior to executing the respective registration.


  1. b) Each registered user may send to the specified in the contacts e-mail, telephone, or respectively live chat, optimization proposals and „bug” signals, which shall assist us in improving the website. We constantly strive to develop, optimize, and construct new functionalities based upon the users’ desires and recommendations, but directed by our principal objective – security and safety.


  1. c) The users can direct an explicit order to the system for using their personal data, so it can direct message notifications from


  1. d) If you are interested in a specific product or if you have questions in connection with the products provided on our part and desire to receive more detailed information on specific subjects, you can use the contacts form accessible on the website, e-mail, telephone, or live chat, and based upon our own estimate we shall answer all or part of your questions, without disclosing the data you provided to third persons, deleting said data in a timely manner after resolving the case related to the directed question, as specified herein above.


  1. Use of Cookies

            Cookies are small packets of information, sent by a web server to an Internet browser, subsequently returned by the browser each time it receives access to the respective server. Cookies are used for storing information on the client’s web browser.


  1. Disclosing information before third persons:

            6.1 We, do not trade in any way and do not transfer in any manner your personal information to third persons. We do not collect your personal information and in the event such information is collected – its protection represents the principal objective and priority of our activities. Your personal information can only be provided to the respective competent authorities, when the data/information request is directed upon observation of all legal requirements in line with the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria.  

            6.2 The remaining information you provided, not defined as personal information, can be used for marketing or advertising purposes.


  1. Conformity to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR)

            7.1 Pursuant to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council dated April 27th, 2016, adopts all organizational and technical measures related to protection of your personal information.

            7.2 The entire information we collect is stored online on servers maintained by ………….., adopting all requisite measures related to the information’s safe storage, and all data/information is encrypted.

            7.3 Each user can at any time access and edit the personal information provided on his/her part.

            7.4 We store only personal data, for which the user has explicitly provided consent we can store until his/her profile is active, or we store said data for a limited term, until fulfillment of objectives related to their initial collection.

            7.5 Each information provided to the site on part of the users is intended only for their own and for providing the administrator the capability for rendering higher quality service.

            7.6 provides the capability to its users for altering their personal data provided on the website at any time, and the altered/modified (old data) are deleted automatically after inputting the user’s new data.  

            7.7 provides the right to deletion of personal data (“Forget me”) to each user. Using this functionality we, undertake to delete your personal data without undue delay in the event there is no need of their processing, or upon withdrawal of consent for their processing.

            7.8. After selecting the function (“Forget me”) the administrator shall delete the information, via which the user can be synonymously identified, within the shortest possible terms.  

            7.9. The administrators of have the right to block a user, who has breached in some manner the site’s rules and/or General Terms and Conditions, and the user shall no longer have access to the provided services, until his/her access is restored again.

            7.10. The personal data of each user shall be deleted within the shortest possible terms, without undue delay, after directing a request for being forgotten. Data provided by all users are cashed unilaterally and stored in the database, and they cannot be restored to their original form. The purpose of this unilateral cashing provides capability to the software for executing internal verification, without the possibility for misuse or restoration of the provided data in the form they were inscribed by the users.



  1. Your consent

Using these products, you consent to our privacy policy and provide explicit consent for processing of your personal data to the website administrator.



  1. Modifications

In the event we select to execute modifications to our privacy policy, we shall publish said modifications on this page and shall notify all users, entering the system after the executed modifications. If you do not agree with the executed modifications, you can opt to discontinue using the provided services and being forgotten, in observation of all requirements specified in Article 17 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR). The deletion of data takes place after selecting the „Forget me” option.


  1. Where and for what term we store your personal data

Personal data you provide are stored in a suitable manner on protected/secure servers.

Your personal data shall be stored as long as required, so we may fulfil the purposes, for which they were collected, in strict observation of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR).

In the event you have any queries regarding the term and manner for storing your personal data, you can contact us on the e-mail address specified on the website, telephone number, or live chat.


  1. Links to third person sites

The system can contain links to third party websites. When selecting some of these links, you shall be redirected to the respective website. You must bear in mind we do not control these sites and are not liable regarding their policies. That is why we recommend you familiarize yourselves with the respective site’s privacy policies before using the respective websites.


  1. Contacts

You can contact us by using our contacts form, located in the upper left corner of our site, next to our logo or write us an e-mail at: [email protected].